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 Every customer deserves nothing but the best. All services provided are with the intention to make your life smooth & stress-free. If there are any questions regarding products & shipment, don’t hesitate to email! ( Thank you for shopping! 


All dresses require a 50% deposit to secure the spot. This goes towards the total price of the dress.

I as a designer will replicate the design of your desire to the best of my ability. All dresses will be received within their designated time frame, I partake in quality work, absolutely no refunds will be issued.

Starting 2/15 we will offer consultations as well if needed! (the consultation link doesn't act as a deposit).


All items on this site are hand made with love by the 16 year old designer. In order for you to have the best quality of a product as you should, please allow 2-10 business days for the item to arrive at it's designated location. To ensure that many people are able to enjoy all the hand made items, this company is able to ship to all states in the United States! As soon as orders are made & purchased they will be shipped out to it’s designated location. If there are any questions regarding an item or shipment, the company’s email is located in the contact information.


ChelsDesigns serves customizable tailoring and designs. Therefore, ChelsDesigns has a no return and no refund policy. 


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